The Alcove is a music & arts mentoring program targeting at-risk youth & foster children.


Our goal is to discover the at-risk and foster kids in our community. Discover who they are - the specific traits that make them each unique, special, talented image-bearers of God, as we help them to discover and nurture their inner artists.


Our curriculum is specifically designed to build confidence, character and creativity with a holistic intent - fortifying the heart, body, mind and soul.


We regularly display the fruits of our kids' creative work to the community with events that showcase their art and music. This introduces the community to the talent of the wonderful kids who reside in their neighborhoods, and shows the kids that their community cares about who they are and what they have to say.

 We see kids who were once at-risk now making a global impact. We see a loving environment that cultivates development, celebrates transformation, and creates a ripple effect, elevating the kids, their communities and beyond.




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The Alcove
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