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“Few things tell the story of the gospel more clearly and more tangibly than our passionate, persistent love for the young and defenseless, those our nation so cavalierly and shockingly discard.” – John Piper


The Alcove is a music and arts mentoring program targeting at-risk youth and foster children in Antioch, Tennessee.


The Mission of the Alcove is to discover at-risk kids, develop them holistically, and then display the fruit to the community.


We picture kids who were once at-risk now making a global impact. We picture a loving environment that cultivates development, celebrates transformation and creates a ripple effect, elevating the kids, their communities, and beyond.


Why Foster Children?

61% test positive for developmental delay.

48% drop out of high school.

10x more likely to commit a crime.

7x more likely to develop drug dependence.

50% end up homeless within two years of leaving state custody.

50% end up unemployed.

The vast majority of the homeless population spent time in the foster care system at some point in their lives.

The Alcove will specifically target at-risk youth, with a goal of 60% foster children enrollment.


“Children that were harmed in relationship can experience healing through nurturing relationships.” – Dr. Karyn Purvis