The word “alcove” has two definitions: one architectural (a small recessed section built into a room; a nook) and one geological (a cavity/cave in a rock formation formed through water or wind erosion).  Our goal with the Alcove is to intentionally design and build a safe place in the community for kids to explore their deeper thoughts and feelings through artistic expression.  We are also helping the kids create a framework for building sections of time in their lives for reflection and expression.  We desire for The Alcove to serve as a loving refuge from any harsher elements that arise in life, much as a cave can be used as a source of shelter and protection.


The Alcove will be located in Antioch, TN.

  • 49% population growth in Antioch since 2000
  • 22,825 children in Antioch
  • 60.9% Antioch kids in single-parenthomes
  • Average salary in Antioch $36.3K (State average $45K)
  • 13% Antioch residents’ income below poverty level
  • 24% in Antioch unemployed or not in labor force
  • 42% of births in Antioch out of wedlock
  • 56% of pregnancies unintended
  • 13% dropout rate statewide
  • Davidson county 21% (2 in 10 kids drop out)